Rug360° is an advanced visualisation company, bringing our clients’ work – whether it’s an early concept or a completed development – to rich and engaging life on the computer screen. Services range from the creation of photo-realistic images right through to interactive, cinematic experiences with our unique Rug360° Player. While our technology is advanced, it can also be used with intuitive ease. Ultimately, we create images and online experiences that are as informative, accessible and real as they possibly can be.


We create interactive 3D walkthroughs of proposed or finished environments, with our customisable Rug360° Player – the only one of its kind. One of the main benefits is its accessible simplicity. Because it is built in Flash, no plugin is required and there’s no need for a powerful computer to use it. Viewers move through spaces with intuitive, logical ease. They point and click for information. They enjoy the experience rather than struggling with it. And given our passion for technology and invention, we’re making our services better all the time, while remaining completely in tune with new developments in our industry.


The first thing we will do is meet to discuss a client’s requirements. Our aim, ultimately, is their success. Our initial discussions will explore what we need to do to make the most effective connections with an audience while also accurately representing the client’s own brand and its values. This could simply be the production of photorealistic stills. It could be the creation of photo-realistic animated imagery. Or it could be a fully immersive, interactive 3D experience using the Rug360° Player. We are also aware that some projects, as they progress through various approval processes, will involve the phasing in of all, or many of, our services. With this in mind, we can work with customers to ensure our schedules are closely synchronised.

The team

We draw from a deep pool of talent, from 3D artists to programmers and photographers. It means that we are able to respond quickly to any challenge that is presented to us. The company is run by John Ebden and Dinos Laftsidis.

John Ebden
John established Rug360° with Dinos Laftsidis in 2010. Before that he built up over 20 years of experience in the film, TV and advertising industries as a production designer. His credits include Waking Ned and the iconic Comic Strip Presents TV series. His extensive experience in advertising includes work with brands such as Audi, Coca Cola, Ford, Guinness, and Vodafone. ‘In all those years,’ John says, ‘I’ve been interpreting and visualising creative concepts where precision and emotional impact are critical. I also love design and architecture. So Rug360° is simply a logical step for me. And its possibilities are endless.’

Dinos Laftsidis
Dinos has a strong background in product and industrial design along with extensive knowledge in the areas of CAD and CGI. Over a period of around 10 years, he worked with brands including BT, Dyson, the London Olympics 2012, Nissan and Sony, developing, visualising and presenting a wide range of work with an inventive yet pragmatic approach. He is also a saxophone player performing at some of London’s most prestigious venues. This, he says, helps him think and recharge.